• Dinosaurs
  • AcroCard

Basic info
  • Latin name
  • Acrocanthosaurus atokensis
    • Name meaning
  • High Spined Lizard
    • Location and lifetime
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas
  • Wyoming
  • Maryland, Mid Cretaceous (116-110 MYA)
    • Size and weight
  • 15 ft (4. 5 m) height
  • 38 to 43ft (11. 5 m to 13) length
  • 15000 lbs (7 t) weight

  • Basic data
    • Class
  • Tyrant
    • Health
  • 2500
    • Primary attack
  • Bite
    • Secondary attack
  • Stomp
    • Roar
  • Team Regeneration

  • Statistics
    • Damage
  • ■■■■■■■□□
    • Durability
  • ■■■■■■□□□
    • Mobility
  • ■■■□□□□□□
  • Acrocanthosaurus is a large predator present on the island. Extreme caution is advised when dealing with these animals as they are overly dangerous and difficult to kill, as well as rather nimble. Acrocanthosaurs, like the other tyrants, can leave massive amounts of destruction in their wake. It is advised that you keep your distance from these creatures; your life depends on it.

    These tyrants are easily identified by the large fin running down their back. It is unknown what the fin is used for, though scientists assume that it is used for regulation of body temperature. It bears sharp claws on both its feet and hands, though the hands are the least of your worries. Unlike the Tyrannosaurus, which uses its tail as a weapon, or the Spinosaurus, whose hands are its primary weapons, the Acrocanthosaurus utilizes its feet to stomp on the ground to disorient and damage enemies and send them flying.


    Bite: Acrocanthosaurus is equipped with a colossal set of jaws capable of crunching sinew and bone. Any human foolish enough to allow themselves to come within reach of these jaws won’t see the light of another day.

    Trample: The jaws aren’t your only problem; the animal’s pure size means that an Acrocanthosaurus is capable of stepping on and crushing people underfoot.

    Stomp: To add to the threat of being trampled, the Acrocanthosaurus can also stomp, knocking down enemies and foliage within a wide radius.

    Roar: The Acrocanthosaurus's roar has the ability to give nearby dinosaurs a health regeneration buff.


    • Simply eating humans or trampling them. The Acrocanthosaurus's roar gives nearby dinosaurs a health regeneration buff.
    • The Acrocanthosaurus has eating players as its main attack. It can also heal from this.