Primal Carnage Wiki

Original models vs. mutations

Model mutations are new cosmetic items that can modify the appearance of your dinosaur character.

These mutations range from subtle alterations to more overt transformations that may resemble other species.

All dinosaur classes have at least one default mutation. Store-bought model mutations usually come bundled together with a free skin that's designed to show off the key features of the mutation.

At present, this feature is only available for the PC version of Primal Carnage: Extinction.


Dinosaur model mutations are compatible with most of the existing skins in the game, with some exceptions- for example: if you equip a mutation and try to use it with a skin that already specifies a custom model.

Premium skins such as the Royal Dilophosaurus or Battlescarred T-Rex therefore do not work with mutations the way regular skins do. Skins that are incompatible receive a red X placed on top of them in the loadout screen when trying to combine them with mutations.