The following is a list of confirmed maps for Primal Carnage. Lukewarm Media has confirmed at least a total of 5 maps before release.

The list is currently awaiting announcement.

-Utility Base:

A base surrounded by a wall which is broken on several parts. Sunny weather. The Base is surrounded by a Coniferous Forest


The Airbase is a Night Map Full of Overgrowth, it's very dark and always raining. Dinos are known to fight with more stealth on this map.


Morning Map with some Vegetation and tons of shipping crates. If someone falls off the map, they will land in the ocean, causing instant death.

-The Falls:

Another night map consisting of a well lit dome where most of the action takes place. Inside the dome are a few large rocks and quite a bit of foliage. Outside the dome is mostly long grass and some crates. The river may pull humans and smaller dinosaurs towards the ocean, causing them to die.

-Forest Chasm:

Without accessible structures, this map is mostly wilderness, with a few gates at the edges. The Massive Canyon in the center has a raging river at its bottom, causing instant death for anything that falls in.

-Downpour: Forest map