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Get To The Chopper (GTTC) is where a team of humans must fend off ravenous dinosaurs on their way to a helicopter extraction point.

Mercenaries move from objective to objective, destroying any and all dangers along the way, travelling through the dangerous wilderness to reach important facilities in order to be rescued. The dinosaurs have to stop them before they escape.

Objective Types


Promotional wallpaper from when GTTC launched for the first Primal Carnage

uman players must rally together to capture various control points on their way to the chopper. These range from fixing communication arrays to signal for rescue, to opening fuel valves to refill the chopper's fuel tank. Players on the human team must stay within the control point radius while these sequences play out until the objective is captured and they can progress.

Blocked routes are cleared using timed explosives in the sequel, which auto activate when an objective has been captured.

The dinosaur team must prevent the humans from capturing all of the objectives, blocking the control point from being captured by defending it.

Tyrants are unavailable to play as until a set number of objectives have been captured. They are then released onto the playing field to help stop the mercenaries from reaching the final objective.


GTTC features several new maps made for this game mode, some are completely new while others are radicaly different versions of old maps. There are four in the original game and six in the second game.

  • Ruthless

Primal Carnage Extinction only:

  • Summer Ruthless
  • Phantom Cave

Development History

Get to the Chopper mode introduced a new addition to Primal Carnage's family of terrible lizards- Spinosaurus, whose ferocious claws can send humans flying away from objectives.

In the first Primal Carnage (2012), Spinosaurus is only available to play with in Get To The Chopper mode.