Primal Carnage Wiki

Primal Carnage: Extinction features a crafting screen where players can "trade-in" multiple items from their inventory to receive a new one. There are several tools that can be used in crafting to influence the outcome as well.

Crafting Tiers

Higher quality skins require more items to be crafted than lower quality tiers. Commons are relatively cheap, but crafting with Legendary items is extremely expensive by comparison. The requirements for each tier are as follows:

  • Craft away 10 Common items to create a single Uncommon item
  • Craft away 15 Uncommon items to create a single Rare item
  • Craft away 20 Rare items to create a single Legendary tier item
  • Craft away 25 Legendary items to create single Ultimate tier item

Crafting Tools

Tools can be used as modifiers in crafting to narrow down the results of your item trade-in. Some can apply special effects to the skin, while others allow you to specify which class family the item result will be from. The current selection of Crafting Tools includes:

  • Requisition Orders
    • Guarantees which Human class the item will be from (e.g. Trapper)
  • DNA strands
    • Guarantees which Dinosaur class family the item will be from (e.g. Tyrant)
  • Stat Track DNA strands
    • Records the number of kills while using the crafted skin, with named tiers for how many.
  • Strange Fiery Energizing Tool
    • Applies flame particle effects to eyes and feet of the crafted skin.