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The Commando


Marcus Tyler

Class Name

The Commando







Combat Style

Strong Ranged Combat, Moderate Melee


• High Health
• Can use weapon for both Melee and Ranged Combat


• Inaccurate
• Can be easily outmaneuvered


• Assault Rifle
• M4 Carbine
• Desert Eagle
• MK Pistol
• Assault Rifle (Melee)


• Bullet (Initial Fire)
• Grenade (Secondary Fire)

An offensive powerhouse; what the Commando lacks in precision and subtlety he makes up for in raw firepower.

Tactical Summary

The Commando comes well equipped for dishing out serious amounts of damage. His weapon is a combination Assault Rifle and Rocket Launcher, and few dinosaurs can withstand it for long. The drawback to such a powerful weapon is the amount of recoil, which can be a hindrance to the weapon’s accuracy. This makes the Commando most effective at close to medium range; while further away the bullet spread can be quite significant. When dinosaurs get right up in his face, the Commando is quick to react with a brutal smack of the weapon, which can send some dinosaurs reeling back.

No one is better suited to take on a T. rex than the Commando. His damage output is devastating, and even his inaccurate shots are likely to hit some part of the large beast. It’s the smaller, faster, agile dinosaurs like the Raptors that the Commando has to worry about.

Weapons and Utility Equipment

Main Weapons


Assault Rifle (AR)
This powerful automatic rifle comes with a large ammunition clip and plenty of opportunity to tear your target to shreds. The only drawback is a significant amount of recoil which can make precise accuracy a challenge. Spray and pray is the method of choice. An underslung grenade launcher makes a fitting secondary fire for this weapon, providing even greater fire power. Allowing you to chunk large amounts of health off larger targets, or simply obliterating the smaller targets unfortunate enough to get in the way.


M4 Carbine
An alternate main weapon for the Commando. Whilst this rifle provides less maximum damage output than the standard Assault Rifle, it makes up for it with its superior accuracy and greater single shot damage. A very profficient weapon provided you can control it properly. Great for mid-range, even capable of dispatching targets from afar. Just watch that ammo count.

Secondary Weapons



The hand cannon of the human arsenal. Very high single shot damage, capable of elliminating smaller targets in just a few shots, even less if you go for the head. Decent long range accuracy makes this the perfect accompaniment to the AR, allowing you to finish off targets that try to run away. Dont underestimate this weapon just because it's a sidearm, In the hands of a skilled user it is up there with the best.


MK Pistol

The other secondary weapon available to the Commando is the MK Pistol. This pistol is far more forgiving than Deagle, having both a faster fire rate as well as less recoil. What it has in ease of use, and fire rate, it loses in damage and range. Skilled shooters may opt for the Deagle in order to be as effective as possible. However, those that want something that's more forgiving should use this sidearm.


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