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An example of 5 different looks for Acrocanthosaurus (and a mutation)

Primal Carnage only featured a handful of paid skin pack DLCs, whereas its sequel Primal Carnage Extinction introduced many more ways of acquiring cosmetic items.

Some of the DLC packs for the original game were created with the help of artists from the community, who would go on to become actual developers on Extinction.

The first year's worth of items for the second game were mainly free drops with a select few appearing on the in-game store, many of these were also created working with community members.

Steam Workshop was enabled for Primal Carnage Extinction in early 2016, and opened the floodgates to many more creators with wildly different takes on the look of the playable characters. It is a curated Workshop, and over 700 items have been accepted for the game since the creation tools went live.

Drop System

Primal Carnage Extinction uses a drop system, similar to other games such as Team Fortress 2, where players randomly receive item rewards as they are playing the game. Players can receive over 10 items per week through random drops during gameplay. Drops have different rarities that control how often they will appear, and dinosaur items are more likely to drop than human items.

Through the drop system players can theoretically receive most of the game's customization items for free. Drops range from skins, to taunt animations, cosmetic attachments and sprays. Players can also use the Crafting System to receive random drops of different rarities by trading in skins from their inventory.



  • The most frequently dropped items are of the Common rarity.


  • The second most frequently dropped items use the Uncommon rarity, however there are actually more Uncommon skins than Common ones, as this is the lowest tier that items submitted through Workshop can use.


  • Rare items are harder to acquire drops of usually higher quality.


  • Previously the highest and most sought after rarity tier, Legendary items are usually the most flashy skins in the game's Workshop.

    Ultimate Centigrade Acro


  • Recently added, the Ultimate rarity encompasses specially designed skins that feature animated emissive effects such as glowing veins. These use high resolution texture maps and will be released in discrete batches over time.

The first Ultimate rarity batch was created with the help of community artist Dr. Cuttlefish.

Item Types

There are many types of items available to use in customization when playing Primal Carnage Extinction...

Reward Items

Primal Carnage: Extinction provides item reward bundles for ranking up and completing your weekly challenges. Rankup rewards give the player one rare human item and one rare dinosaur item, whilst completing all three of your weekly challenges provides 2 items of rare or uncommon quality, plus a crafting tool.

You can also receive one rare human item, one rare dinosaur item and a crafting tool for "Evolving" your rank. This is similar to Prestiging in the Call of Duty game series, where your rank is reset from fifty to zero. Doing so grants a reward bundle.

Extinction Store

Primal Carnage Extinction has an in-game store on PC where players can purchase time-limited items. Many of these items are tied to special events such as Halloween or St. Patrick's Day, being available for only a few weeks before a new rotation of skins and other cosmetics replaces them.

The store rotates usually in the first half of the week. This occurs roughly every 1-2 weeks depending on the time of year, with larger gaps when special events are underway. The store is the only place to buy Gifts and the majority of Mutation items are only obtainable this way as well. Items regularly return under the Specials tab with discounts applied.


Gifts are a new item box added in Primal Carnage Extinction. When a player opens a gift on a server, up to 24 other players will receive a random item from that gift's drop list, not obtainable anywhere else.

The person who opens the gift receives the current Gift Giver Reward for their generosity, a specific item that is the same every time. Gift Giver Rewards used to be randomized, with any number of items being given to the opener, but this was changed due to concerns regarding gambling laws in certain countries.

There are several gifts that have been released over the years. They originally began as a winter-only item, associate with Santa Claus bringing presents to the game, but have since been expanded to Halloween Gifts, Summer Gifts and more. They are still usually a seasonal item, so are only ever on sale for a limited time out of the year.

Crates & Keys

Crates were a sort of lootbox that used to drop randomly while playing Primal Carnage Extinction. You had to use a special type of key to open them, and would receive a mystery item for doing so. After controversy arose in other videogames about the ethics and legality of lootboxes, crates and keys were retired from PCE a few years ago.

They are still obtainable via the Steam Marketplace and are able to be traded, but no longer drop in-game. With most of the event-related keys no longer in circulation there is no way to use crates anymore except to combine several together in crafting to receive a common item. It is said that in a future update *individual* crates and keys will be changed so that they can be "melted down" as well in this manner, instead of requiring multiple.

DLC Packs

Primal Carnage brought out multiple DLC skin packs available for purchase on Steam, some of which featured premium skins such as Tupandactylus and Cryolophosaurus. These premium skins which had custom models eventually became their own subclasses in Primal Carnage Extinction. The DLC is still on sale today for the original game, with a bundle that includes the entire collection.

There are no DLC packs for Primal Carnage Extinction, with every item either being available via the drop system or on the in-game store. The original DLC packs from the first game are included either as drops or as smaller class-specific packs on the in-game store.

For a year or so after the release of Extinction, players could transfer their DLC purchases from the first game to the sequel. This was a one-time thing that happened when first launching PCE and syncing with the economy server. Any DLC previously purchased for Primal Carnage would be auto-granted to the player in Extinction, but any items purchased after having played the second game would not. This is no longer possible.

Console Differences

The PlayStation 4 version of Primal Carnage Extinction differs in a number of ways from the PC version in how players obtain items. There is no drop system in the PS4 version, instead players are rewarded items at the end of a match for completing certain tasks (such as playing an entire round as a specific dinosaur). Many skins found in the console version were created by Panic Button, who handled the console port. They are not found in the PC version of the game.

Various skin bundles are purchasable from the PlayStation Store as well, over 50 are currently available.

No community-created content is available on PS4 as it does not support Steam Workshop, which made it difficult to know if fanmade designs could be brought across. However this may change when the PS4 version is updated by Circle 5 in future.

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