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• 5/2/2018

what other dinosaurs should be in primal carnage.

I think primal carnage needs some new dinosaurs to spice things up like for the charge class albertosaurs and allosaurs because they are around the same size and have horns for a new dinosaur class group maybe some herbivores like triceratops, stegosaurs and ankylosaurs and tell me guys what dinosaurs you what new dinosaurs you want in primal carnage.
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• 8/21/2017

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• 2/17/2016

Trouble attacking with the T-rex

I have been playing as t-rex lately and found that I have been having trouble with the eating people attack. Is there any tips or tricks that would make it easier to eat people.
I love playing as the t-rex, thats why I want to know any tips or tricks.
Duh, hes the king of the jungle!
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